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Circa 6th-9th century AD. A silver wire finger ring formed from a double loop with a neat flat knot for the bezel. Silver, 0.58 grams, 18.8 mm overall (approximate size British K 1/2 , USA 5 1/2, Europe 11.0, Japan 10).

WILT-9D4288: Early-medieval Viking finger ring

Viking, 9th-11th Century AD, Plaited Gold Ring

Viking, 9th-11th Century AD, Plaited Gold Ring | Alain.R.Truong

Earrings, gold, enamel, pearls and glass, 7th century

Two strands of ancient Phoenician glass beads. 45 & 46 cm long strands. | Est. 1'200 - 1'800€ per strand ~ (Feb '14)

16th c golden emerald ring.

Ring,Europe,late 13th-14th century.

Typical Anglo Saxon burh; what fun it would be to have a 'sims' like game with one of these

Torque à pastilles - PÉRIODE 4e siècle av J.-C. - La Tène I LIEU DE DÉCOUVERTE Beine-Nauroy (origine) TECHNIQUE/MATIÈRE bronze - Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais -

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