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Dibil Kouana Woman's ceremonial cache-sexe Bana Guilli Kirdi people Mandara Mountains, Cameroon Imported glass beads strung with cotton thread 46 cm x 45 cm

Africa | Beaded coat from an Ibeji figure from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Textile and glass beads | 1st half of the 20th century

Africa | Cache sexe and a belt from the Kapsiki people from the Mount Mandara region of northern Cameroon | Cache sexe; leather, iron and glass beads. Belt; Natural fiber, shells and glass beads

Collier de perles, embelli corde perlée, déclaration au sautoir, Mulberry et or

Collier de perles embelli corde perlée par vantageJewellery sur Etsy, £45.00

Cameroon | Necklace from the Kapsiki people of the north | Glass beads, shells, metal and cotton | 150 € ~ sold (Sept '14)

African Tribal Art - Pikuran, beaded cache-sex, Kirdi, Cameroon. Seed beads, cotton string, cowrie shells. 20" (51 cm) wide by 8" (20 cm) high. Mid 20th century #1641 $1000

Detail of Ornate letter. Pearl embroidery done by Larissa Borodich

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Africa | A bead and fiber necklace from the Fulani (Nupe) peoples of Cameroon | ca. 1970s.

Мэрцишор 2. Moldavian tradition. Martisor din biser. Бисер с Анной. - YouTube