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how to be eco friendly at home. Cool if you were to build your own home!

Things You Need to Live Off the Grid

home and pool from shipping containers

La maison en U, visitée durant les journées portes ouvertes (Design) à Montréal, une œuvre de Natalie Dionne.

Maison Jean Longpré

Canned Food Storage... for pantry, cellar, basement, garage. Neat idea but wouldn't work for me as I have a huge canned stockpile...


La maison qui fait rêver! Mais un seul étage suffit!

Urban sustainable architecture Green living in Park Royal hotel. This is sustainable and inspiring, the gardens outside the apartments give the residences a healthy environment, which I could implement this into my project.

Green roofs environmental benefits Green roofs can be advantageous for many reasons: Reduce heating and cooling Increase the roof life span by at least double Grow fruits, vegetables, and flowers Reduce run-off storm water Filter pollutants and CO2 out of the air Insulate for sound and heat Filter pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater Increase wildlife habitat

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