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“He could hear in his mind’s ear the blood-stirring and intricate rhythms of the ekwe and the udu and the ogene, and he could hear his own flute weaving in and out of them, decorating them with a colorful and plaintive tune” (6).


Chris Ofili's The Holy Virgin Mary returns to London

Detail from Chris Ofili's The Holy Virgin Mary 1996, Courtesy Victoria Miro Gallery, London

This is one of my favorite pieces of art by Yinka Shonibare @shonibarestudio who is a British-Nigerian artist that explores cultural identity colonialism and post-colonialism in his work. This piece is called "Scramble for Africa". It depicts the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885 where European nations carved up Africa and decided what parts they wanted. Shonibare explains that the heads of state are characterized as headless - and equally mindless in their hunger for Africa. However he also…

The sell out of all the people in the so called Nigeria 1934 | Lord Lugard meeting with Nigerian Emirs and Chiefs at London Zoo | London, UK

Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (ruled 1888–1897), also called Overami, was the Oba (king) of the Kingdom of Benin up until the British punitive expedition of 1897. In February of 1897 the British launched a full-scale attack on Benin City which fell after eight days of fierce fighting. The Kingdom of Benin was totally destroyed, many inhabitants killed, the city looted and many valuable artifacts taken as trophies.

10,000 gorgeous books, bound in batik fabrics with foiled spines

The British Library, an installation by Yinka Shonibare—10K books wrapped in batik designed by the artist.

Playful Human Sculptures with a Variety of Different Heads

Playful Human Sculptures with a Variety of Different Heads - My Modern Metropolis