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SAGE Manual Inputs Patch Panel | 102622762 | Computer History Museum

Year 1955: Felker and Harris program TRADIC, AT&T Bell Laboratories announced the first fully transistorized computer, TRADIC. It contained nearly 800 transistors instead of vacuum tubes. Transistors — completely cold, highly efficient amplifying devices invented at Bell Labs — enabled the machine to operate on fewer than 100 watts, or one-twentieth the power required by comparable vacuum tube computers. The computer occupied only 3 cubic feet.

"Home Computer" of 2004 from Rand in 1950s. I think they missed the scale of the equipment and power a little with this prediction.

The First Disk Drive: RAMAC 350

Corsair 800D by Tacapi-

Office work in the very early 1970s.

SAGE Core Memory Unit | 102622715 | Computer History Museum

Telephone Lessons, 1934

SAGE Magnetic Drum Section | 102622771 | Computer History Museum