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Someone else pinned this as "The Avengers funny moments" and the one on the bottom got a big laugh in the theater when we saw it. Well, I don't think that writing someone off as "he's adopted" is at all funny. He's your brother. You don't get to decide he's not. Adoption has nothing to do with it.

Wait.... what?!

Es ergibt plötzlich alles einen Sinn

Wait.... what?!

Songs over scenes from Avengers, absolutely perfect! (May need an Avengers/Superhero board soon...)

The Avengers 2 OMG...That's so cuute !~ <3Lo<3Ki<3

The Avengers Lawl

The Avengers

News about doctor strange on Twitter

Best gif ever #11 Deadpool et spiderman


thorlokid: “Chris Evans, impersonating Tom’s impression of Chris playing Loki, pretending to be Captain America vs Tom Hiddleston, impersonating Chris Evans, as Loki, pretending to be Captain...