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Civil War Antiques (Dave Taylor's) February 2014 Webcatalog 02

Confederate Revolver - This Griswold & Gunnison Civil War Revolver is an unlicensed copy of a Colt 1851 Navy.

Confederate Revolver Le Mat (1869 )

Gettysburg Civil War Remington New Model Revolver, found in the Devil’s Den, with red painted inscription on barrel "Gettysburg Devil's Den 1921." Includes letter of provenance. Provenance: Ex. Zeigler Collection via Dale Anderson Condition: Relic condition; missing a few parts, VG.

Franco's troops entering republican areas. #Spain #war Dedonde mi amigos y mi hermano. Tu no solo muris, pero yo mureto junto con usted. Porque tú eres mi hermano y yo nunca te dejan solo en los campos de batalla de la muerte.

Rare U.S. Civil War Era Ames Foundry Model 1841 6 Pounder Cannon Dated 1855 with Provenance

"Pride of the Keystone State : The Seventh Pennsylvania Cavalry".

Uniform of the 54th Massachusetts 1863, (artist unknown). Help eliminate poor pinning! If you know the artist and can supply a link, please update this pin. Thank you!

News artist Alfred Rudolph Waud with his sketchbook near Gettysburg during the civil war.

Civil War Weapons: Produced in 1861 and 1862 at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, the Springfield rifle used coiled grooves inside the barrel that spun a .58 caliber Minie Ball accurately up to 400 yards. Rifles such as the Springfield and Enfield changed warfare forever by restricting movement and forcing soldiers to dig into the ground for cover.