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Power of Three. A very important number in satanic cults. Often front main alters are connected in 3s.

# CARNAVAL Jeudi 19 Février @ La Bellevilloise

The power of three. Love your sisters, love Nature, love God and Goddess. LOVE.

LOKI'S SIGIL... This Bindrune connects the Othala Rune of ancient knowledge, with the Algiz Rune for protection. The 3 horizontal stripes remind of the sigil of the indian god Shiva, the upper section, with the dot, of Visnhu... and the Othala Rune presents Odin, who's equivalent is Brahma! This is NO coincidence!!! Pagan knowledge is universal!

In Ireland and pre-Roman Britain, there was a trinity of goddesses named Brigantia, (Brigid) "the Exalted One". Brigid is described as 'a poetess...a goddess whom poets worshipped', and her two sisters, both of the same name as herself, women of healing and of smith-work respectively, are also described as goddesses.