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Margay cat, very rare, often confused with ocelot. This is the only cat whose hind legs rotate 180 degrees, allowing them to run headfirst down trees.

-The lion (Panthera leo) is one of the four big cats in the genus Panthera and a member of the family Felidae. With some males exceeding 250 kg (550 lb) in weight, it is the second-largest living cat after the tiger. Wild lions currently exist in sub-Saharan Africa and in Asia (where an endangered remnant population resides in Gir Forest National Park in India) while other types of lions have disappeared from North Africa and Southwest Asia in historic times.

Blog photos, sans vulgarité, de garçons que je trouve beaux, sexy ou charmants. Mais pas que cela..

Caracal Kitten ~ By Anthony Ponzo

Rhinocéros blanc.... En 2013, ils ne sont plus que sept dans le monde......quelle tristesse.....

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