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Crown of Napoleon. When great empires fall all that remains are the relics.

France's Louis XIV filigree crown with jewels.

19th Century Gilt Brass Crown with Colored Facet Cut Glass Jewels and Pearls

Crown,Portugal. Gold, Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds

Diamond Diadem, 1820 from the Royal Collection of Queen Elizabeth

Crown of Electress Maria Josepha, consort of King Augustus III, Poland (1733; silver-gilt, crystals). Originally, embellished with diamonds and pearls.

Couronne de Louis XV | Augustin DUFLOS | 1722 | Département des objets d'art du XVIIIe siècle, Paris: "Offerte au trésor de l'abbaye de Saint-Denis en 1729" (Muriel Barbier).

Coroa de Otto III Alemanha / Karlruhe / Badisches Landesmuseum (1crown exposição permanente)

French Antique Gilt Brass Jeweled Crown with Lilies and Stars

Diadem of Tutankhamun Studded with semiprecious stones, this crown was found on the head of King Tutankhamun's mummified body and was probably worn by the pharaoh in life.