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62 publicités pour Playstation PS-PS2-PS3 - #Olybop

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Harley-Davidson : au même rang que la religion ?

À chacun sa religion : une campagne de publicité de Prémont Harley-Davidson signée 32 MARS qui associe les références religieuses à celles du monde de la moto et de Harley-Davidson. Bonne exécution ? Elle fait discuter en ligne en tout cas d'un côté comme de l'autre!

Vishuddha Throat Chakra Sound, Creative identity, oriented to self-expression This is the chakra located in the throat and is thus related to communication and creativity. Here we experience the world symbolically through vibration, such as the vibration of sound representing language.

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Four winds gold errings, four seasons errings, four elements errings, numerology, sacred geometry errings, elemental jewelry, compass erring

P h y s i c a l : Carved and welded by Hand by the Artist of INCHANTMI- Hila Por Metirial: Brass or 9k, 14k, 18k of Yellow / White / Red Gold. Size: 37x31.5 mm Weight in Grams: 5 M e t a p h y s i c a l : Four winds gold errings are also four seasons errings, four elements errings & compass errings. in Numerology: 3, 4, 5 in magic power : Balancing, relashionship, protection The Numerology Meaning of the Number 3 The creative child 3s are imaginative, expressive communicators and…

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Chakra Symbols and Sanskrit Names

Throat Chakra

21 Positive Expressions That Attract A Better Life in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit

Sodalite - Good for healing rifts in partnerships and relationships, and helps bring an end to arguments or disagreements. Excellent stone to enhance all communication skills. This stone helps us unite the logical with the spiritual. It also help free us from old behavior patterns that no longer serve us. Wonderful stone for creative types, balancing both sides of the mind, and allowing you mind to come up with the emotional expression of your ideas in physical forms.

The Goddess Returns | Integral Life Clarity of communication and intuition.

7th Chakra - Crown - Purple - Spiritual Guidance and your ability to connect with and receive it. 6th Chakra - Third Eye - Indigo - Intuitive viewing. How well are you able to perceive the unseen? 5th Chakra - Throat - Aquamarine Blue - Your ability to speak and communicate your Truth. 4th Chakra - Heart - Green - Your ability to give and receive love abundantly. 3rd Chakra - Solar Plexus - Yellow - The seat of your personal power. Are you overly dominant with others? A shrinking violet? Or…