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Bronze statuette of a horse - Greece (2nd/1st century BC) - MET

Ancient Greece Bronze Horse in Gallop

Ancient Greece Bronze Horse in Gallop @GreekMythos @sunsan @piscesandfishes

Roman bronze balsamarium in the image of Antinous, 200 A.D.

Bronshäst - Utsökt liten kinesisk häststaty med en vacker ärgad patina. Ett sant smycke till ditt hem eller en passande gåva till den som har allt! MATERIAL: Brons HÖJD: 21 cm LÄNGD: 17 cm BREDD: 5 cm

Vase, vers 1939, Constantin Brancusi

Cheval romain en bronze, 1er-2e siècle

Building a horse sculpture

Kim Upham's Picture of horse on grass. The Portland Horse Project

LINGL REBETEZ Jürgen (né en 1971) Buste de cheval, 2010 Bois

Soulon horse. It is closely related to Nisean horses. The T’ang dynasty in China becomes obsessed with Persian great horses and polo. Palominos and spotted horses are given imperial blessings. The breed is called either T’ien ma (Heavenly Horse) or Soulon (i.e., Sulong, Vegetarian Dragon), and gait is encouraged because neither stirrups nor scalae are available.