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Lindsay Brin's Postnatal Slimdown Core #2 - YouTube

Postnatal Core Workout with modifications for Diastasis Recti (8 exercises)

30 Day Guns, Buns & Ab Challenge. This will work arms, pecs, legs, butts & abs—i.e., the key areas of being sexy & fit! I am doing this! (Along with other training.) It targets everything I want to work on, so I will be able to improve in every area every day. <3 10.02.2013

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12-Minute Seated Core Workout Video

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Comment faire des abdominaux hypopressifs  - 7 étapes

FFFFF Diastasis Recti Core Exercises. Having trouble getting a flat stomach? Or your pregnancy left U with Diastasis Recti? Use these simple exercises to retrain your core. You need to fire the muscles from the inside out. And with Diastasis Recti you will do more harm than good with traditional ab exercises like crunches. Do these exercises until you have mastered them, then move to a more traditional core routine. Download this core workout and more w/new Core Download Workout Series.

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Voyage: retraite de yoga au Mexique

Voyage: retraite de yoga au Mexique / Pratiquer le yoga sur le bord de la mer pendant une semaine, c’est une expérience incomparable. Éprouvante, aussi. Oui, oui. Récit d’un voyage marquant à Tulum, au Mexique.

No equipment 30 day workout program - Imgur

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Flat Stomach Workout

Want to easily whip your tummy into shape? Try this at home flat stomach workout for women, to sculpt your abs in no time, and get a slim, toned and trim belly.