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Helicopter Pilot in Vietnam. #VietnamMemories

Helicopters, supposed to be able to land on a dime, found they couldn’t touch down on narrow hilltops in the Central Vietnam coastlands, but that didn’t stop them from delivering right on the money. Engineers blasted drop areas clear and the giant Chinook choppers dropped their soldiers of the 5th Battalion 7th Cavalry Regiment to participate in operation Thayer II some 15 miles southwest of Bong Son, which is some 300 miles northwest of Saigon. Feb. 1967. (AP Photo)

Operation Babylift was the name given to the mass evacuation of children from South Vietnam to the United States and other countries at the end of the Vietnam War. By the final American flight out of South Vietnam, over 3,300 infants and children had been evacuated. Along with Operation New Life, over 110,000 refugees were evacuated from South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War. Thousands of children were airlifted from Vietnam and adopted by families around the world.

Batter up: Vietnam veteran Christopher Gaynor recently uncovered a trove of photographs he took during the war. In the above image, members of an infantry division play baseball at Dau Tieng base camp in 1967, not far from a Huey transport helicopter

Now if only I could figure out how to recreate this whole look - hair, makeup and all, I'd be set for Halloween!

This is a unique photo taken just after taking a bullet through the top of his helmet during an ambush in Hoc Mon Province, June 15 1968. 1st Platoon B CO 2/22nd of the 25th Infantry. ~ Vietnam War

Army nurse 1st Lt. Sharon Forman looks out from medical helicopter with hospital below in Qui Nhon, South Vietnam, Feb. 9, 1966. (AP Photo/Eddie Adams)

"King Cobra" Gun Truck ~ Vietnam

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