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Sheep with black face and legs and white fleece

L’arche de noé

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by Cathy Connolley. her art is available from Caitlihne on Etsy. See

Sheep of Shetland Islands (Scotland) Although Shetlands are small and slow-growing compared to commercial breeds, they are hardy, thrifty, easy lambers, adaptable and long-lived. The breed has survived for centuries in difficult conditions and on a poor diet, so they thrive in better conditions. Shetlands retain many of their primitive survival instincts so they are easier to care for than many modern breeds.

Sheep print by Cathy Connolley

Oxford sheep (also known as Oxford Down) is an English breed developed in the 1830s by crossing the Cotswold with a forerunner of the Hampshire, and using the resulting cross-breeds to form the basis of the present-day breed. This breed is primarily raised for meat.

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