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Right vs Left Brain - good at explaining why the phonemes don't really work for spelling

STEM vs STEAM - Why Half a Brain Isn't Enough Infographic

left vs. right

Not critical thinking, but... FYI: I have given a left-brain/right-brain quiz to new groups of Asian students for 5 years running, and typically 7 of 10 test neither.The literature said that this means they are strong both left and right brained. But this is NOT a scientific study, just something interesting...I'll do it again and get back to you.

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10 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Brain

The way your brain is organized

What if we created awesome learning opportunities - based on what learners crave? What if we allowed research, observation and experience to work with the brain - rather than against it?

Dyslexia graphic explaining this language processing disorder that can hinder reading, writing, spelling and sometimes even speaking.

Left vs Right Brain: Which Hemisphere Dominates You?

Left vs. Right Brain: Which Hemisphere Dominates You? (I scored 9 and 7, respectively. It's no wonder I had so much trouble in school...and also have trouble with work!)