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Peak Oil v Debt - What will YOUR cars be worth with NO OIL ~ #LOLGOP Wants To Slash Spending, Cut Taxes = Recipe For Austerity and Recession ~ They Don't Understand That Government Works Like A Car - TAX = BRAKES SPENDING = MORE JOBS, INFRASTRUCTURE, GDP ACCELERATION

Chris Martenson: Peak Oil And Costs Of Access - The Really, Really Big Picture

Peak Oil

Peak Oil

The Oil Boom Will Only Last 10 years - The n What?

Motor Gasoline Prices v Unemployment Rate

According to the report, by 2025 U.S. shale oil will contribute two million barrels per day to global supply — about the same as the national production level of OPEC member Nigeria, Africa's biggest oil producer.

High-paying oil field jobs come at a price - Houston Chronicle

Coal Blooded: Putting Profits Before People is a new report analyzing sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions in conjunction with demographic factors –race, income, and population density – to rank the environmental justice performance of the nation’s 378 coal fired power plants. PDF to read here

In addition to this superior emissions profile for criteria pollutants, hydromethanation emits far less mercury than other coal combustion technologies such as old coal plants or integrated gasification, combined-cycle facilities. Mercury is removed by an additional step that is not typically employed in other coal conversion processes, ensuring nearly all of this harmful pollutant is kept from being introduced into the atmosphere.