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N from a 1481 manuscript of Pliny the Elder's De Naturalis Historia

Fresco. Pompeian girl in a rondel, before 79AD. From a cubiculum in the House of the Golden Cupids, Pompeii. Emplacement: CASA AMORINI DORATI, POMPEII, ITALIA

Cinnamologus nesting. Pliny the Elder [1st century CE] (Natural History, Book 10, 50): "There is a bird of Arabia called the cinnamolgus which makes its nest out of cinnamon twigs; the people of that country knock the birds down with lead-weighted arrows, and use them for trade." Bibliothèque Nationale de France, lat. 6838B, Folio 24v

~ ornate key Think about the beauty of this key and remember, prayer is a key to heaven.

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[Illustrations de Le Jardin du très chrestien Henry IV.] / [Non identifié] ; Pierre Valet, aut du texte | Gallica

"D". Pliny seated in study. Italian. detail. Douce Pliny. 1476 bodl_Douce310

Fly or cicada shaped fibula. Roman 3rd century

Trade deficit to China is not a new problem: "By the lowest reckoning, India, Seres [China] and the Arabian peninsula take from our Empire 100 millions of sesterces every year: that is how much our luxuries and women cost us" complained Pliny the Elder. Maenad from Pompeii in the picture is obviously wearing silk.