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Aquascaping- looks like a forest with fish in it!

This is a beauty! I'm sure this took a lot of work. #aquascaping #aquarium…

90x45x45cm planted dragon stone aquascape | up the valley | Stu Worrall | Flickr

planted nano aquarium

4 gallon betta tank. There was just something about the simplicity...

Choosing an aquarium substrate is a very important decision, and not only for aesthetic reasons. This guide will help you make the right choice!

I love the height and use of negative space in this scape. Really lovely contrast between the lava rock, foliage and the white sand.

La faille 30x30x30

20 gallon tank, live and plastic plants, wood, sand, rocks, good betta tank. Your betta will display beautiful swimming, flaring and exploring behavior in these larger tanks that you may not see when they are kept in smaller habitats...

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