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french francs - Bing images

u.s. two dollar bill | United States two-dollar bill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Constantine VI and Irene 780 790 gold coin

à partir de eBay

CSA $5 Coin: Confederate States of America 1861 design for gold coin

CSA 5 dollar Coin-Confederate-States-of-America-1861

Gold Stater. Lampsacus, Mysia (ca. 360–340 BC) Obv: Zeus with laurel crown l.

American Money | United States Dollar – American Currency, US Money History & Symbol

Groat of Henry VI. Date: 1422–27. British. Silver. Overall: 1 x 1/16 in. (2.6 x 0.1 cm)

Beautifully designed poster

Corieltauvi. AV Stater (5.53 gms), ca. 45-10 B.C. S-390; VA-811-9. South Ferriby Type. Abstract head of Apollo right; Reverse: Disjointed abstract horse left with wavy-armed star below

1940 3c Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Catalog # 886