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Green men cut in church stonework

Carving of vegetation growing from a man's face is fixed to the roof at Norwich cathedral. The cathedral has 1,016 roof bosses, the carvings on the underside of heavy keystones in the roof vaults.

Green Man on roof bosses in St. Mary’s Church, Finedon, Northamptonshire, England (photos Maddy Aldis-Evans)

Norwich Cathedral: Cloister Roof Boss: Pelican-in-Her-Piety The Pelican-in-Her-Piety, a popular medieval symbol. A mother pelican wounds her chest to feed her young with her blood (according to legend), representing Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Roof boss in the cloister, 14th century. Norwich Cathedral, England.

Owston Abbey 'Green Man', a fifteenth-century wooden carving from an Augustinian abbey church; a symbol of natural/foliage renewal. (Charmwood Museum/Leicestershire County Council)

Bamberg cathedral, Germany, by Johannes Otto Först - Domaine Public

Carved roof boss from the nave vault of Norwich Cathedral, representing the buffeting of Christ. The blindfolded figure of Christ is seated on a bench, being held down by two torturers, who each have a hand on his shoulders. With the fingers of his free hand, the torturer on the left clutches Christ's head. The torturer on the right holds up his fist, about to punch Christ on the head. This torturer is sticking out his tongue in mockery.

Le carnet de Villard de Honnecourt

: Roof Boss NI13: Devil Tempting Jesus, Norwich Cathedral