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Explorez Menton Front, Forehead Pore et plus encore !

Prreti Chin & Forehead Pore Strips 3 Strips by Prreti. $1.69. Buy Prreti Masks & Peels - Prreti Chin & Forehead Pore Strips 3 Strips. How-to-Use: *Thoroughly wash face, making sure that it is free of any creams, lotions or make-up. *Dry hands, then open packet and peel the strip off from the plastic liner. Use opened packet promptly so strip peels easily from liner *Thoroughly wet your chin and/or forehead with water. If chin and/or forehead is not wet enough, t...

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Say Yes To™…New Face Masks!

New "Yes To" face masks; budget-friendly and a nice way to pamper yourself!

DISCLAIMER: You know youre own face more than anyone else. Some of the things on this chart you may find dont suite your face shape. So use this as a guide and just experiment :) good luck! Makeup tutorials you can find here:

KOREAN COSMETICS, DONGINBI, Red Ginseng Aqua Mask (Pack 28g * 4 pcs) (moisture mask, elastic)[001KR] by DONGINBI. $105.00. Item location : Korea and we ship to worldwide. KOREAN COSMETICS, DONGINBI, Red Ginseng Aqua Mask (Pack 28g * 4 pcs) (moisture mask, elastic)[001KR]. Note to the first users : If you have not used this item before, try the cosmetic with small amount on your skin. If you find any trouble with the product, please stop using and discuss with your ...

Dr. IASO Peeling & Filling Brightening Mask by Dr. IASO. $6.00. All orders receive FREE skincare samples from daybeauty. Helps regain skin's clarity and even skin tone.. This mask brightens the dark and dull skin.. An advanced hydro-gel mask combined with exfoliating peeling pad. An advanced hydro-gel mask combined with exfoliating peeling pad for the intensive and synergistic brightening mask effect ** This mask brightens the dark and dull skin. Also helps regain sk...

Karanja OIL Organic 100% Pure 4 Oz by Dr Adorable. $5.49. Usage Rate: 1-100%. It reduces skin inflammation and helps in curing several skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis.. Keep the skin moist and wrinkle free.. Organic Karanja Oil 100%, Pure, Great in soaps, creams, lotions and for massage.. Prevents skin disorders such as acne and eczema. Karanja oil is cold pressed from seeds. The oil is reddish brown and rather viscous and non-edible. What makes the karanja oil so va...

Sensual Solutions Set: Cleanser 45ml + Wrinkle Filler 14.2g + Wrinkle Erase 48g - Dr Robert Rey - Day Care - 3pcs by Dr Robert Rey. $92.08. Sensual Solutions Set: 1x Face Up To It Gentle Oxygenating Cleanser 45ml/1.5oz 1x Eye Full Contouring Wrinkle Filler 14.2g/0.5oz 1x Inhibitox Instant Wrinkle Erase 48g/1.7oz - Dr Robert Rey - Day Care

Freeman Facial Peel-Off Mask, Cucumber, Skin Silkening 6 fl oz (Quantity of 6) by Freeman. $21.99

Facy Salmon Caviar Dna Face Eye & Neck Mask Cream 10 g. [Pack 2] by Facy. $20.50. Mask on face under eyes and neck. Rub in circle unit the nutrients beads are all dissolved and leave on for 15 minutes or until all mask cream has penetrated into skin. Wash off and put on moisturizer.

Sk-Ii Facial Treatment Mask 10Sheets by SK II. $125.81. A reviving, relaxing full facial treatment which literally drenches your skin in Pitera, and gives you an immediate youthful glow.