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Cia cosplay by Kyuu Vixen | #Hyrule_Warriors

à partir de eBay

Medieval/Larp/SCA/Pagan/Re enactment/Gothic/Steampunk/Wicca LEATHER WRITING SET

Medieval Larp SCA Pagan RE Enactment Gothic Steampunk Wicca Leather Writing SET | eBay

Hyrule Warriors cosplay group by MIE | #Ghirahim #Zant #Wizzro #Cia

could add more pouches or loops for holding different shaped weapons or items and it would be a perfect way to carry stuff in combat larps

Lana - Hyrule Warrior, Guardian of Time by Seattle-Cosplay

Agitha / Machaon / Ageha cosplay by @legendofzelda6 | #Hyrule_Warriors #Twilight_Princess

Twili Midna cosplay at AnimeLand Wasabi 2015 | #Twilight_Princess #Hyrule_Warriors