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Now. I know i'll never really get over what all's happened but whatever. Life is life. Nothing much i can do about it now except block everything out. Which is ok with me.

I've never actually tried to take my life. But it scares me every time I think about it. The thought of no one caring that I'm gone scares me horribly. And I just don't think I'd ever have the guts to go through with it. I'll just stick to my razor and rubber band. ❤

Oh papa I miss you more than words. I'm trying to handle myself better now but it's so hard. I just want this emptiness to go away. My friends and family can't let me cry to them all night anymore, and I won't find peace in the bottom of a bottle. I'm trying so hard for you papa, so hard. Love you polecat

You know I love you but you broke my heart anyway

tu as peur de dire aux autres ce que tu ressens car tu ne veux pas que cela les détruisent, alors tu l'enterre en toi-même où cela te détruira toi

I still have to take a deep breath and remind myself that not everyone will break me like you did.

J'ai besoin de toi J'AI BESOIN DE TOI BORDEL Est-ce qu'il faut que je le hurle pour que tu m'entendes enfin?

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