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Chibi Homicidal Liu

Jeff the Killer and Homicidal Liu--- lol I love how there nails are painted. Jeff: Gurrrl don't you be messin with my boy. I will so cut you Liu: Mmmmhhmmm!

I hate her, but this picture is actually gorgeous

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17 Années,Age,Creepypasta Cosplay,Don T L'Esprit,Résultat,Liu Cosplay,Liu I M,Agoz The Killler,Family Problems

If I got to say something about this photo is that if the creepypastas were real I'd feel bad for them because of how many stupid photos they are put in. All photos that doesn't have to do with their story, such as this! Really?! Snapchat?! I'm done.

i love it when we just randomly get creative and though a bunch paint on our selfs lol

Woah.... (O___O) <<< omg … call ambulance … I'm about to die …'haves massive nosebleed'

Jeff, Toby and KageKao

Art-Trade with Lisica1213 I'm sorry it took so long. I'm a lazy asshole. :с I'm waiting for your critics. Jeff the Killer (c) Creepypasta Fatili (c) Lisica1213 Art (c) Me