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Vegan body-building "...the ox eats grass". Good article

Interview with a vegan bodybuilder- staying strong on a plant-based diet!

Entraînez-vous comme Serena Williams ! #NTC #WOTN #NIKE

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Carl Lewis / 1984 Summer Olympics - Los Angeles. Add Around The Rings on & for the latest info on the Olympics.

à partir de PETA

12 Bodybuilders Totally Destroying the Vegan Stereotype

12 Bodybuilders Totally Destroying the Vegan Stereotype | Other | Living | PETA

The Banana Girl Food Pyramid ! Low fat raw vegan, frutarian, frugivore food pyramid

Caramelized Garlic Cloves in Reduced Balsamic Vinegar. This, a warm baguette, a spreading knife, and life is good!

Andrea White ,raw vegan. " I first became a vegan years ago after reading up on the maltreatment of animals and how food growth was enhance through chemicals. I disagreed with the methods use in order to increase sales and put food on my plate" "I recently returned back to Raw Vegan because I wanted to reshape what I thought my body needed to be healthy and fit. I wanted to change from the inside out and now it’s fruits and Veggies for nutrition."