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Oh god where is it from it's so beautiful holymoly jesus ❤️

Jimin, V + Jungkook #BTS #bangtan_boys

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“BTS: the type to raise a chicken with no problem. their only problem would be Jin tbh #btsreact”

Bangtan Boys ❤ Taehyung (v) | so grown up and beautiful | tumblr

...I just suddenly felt like Jungkook glares at the camera as he takes his hand down? Is that just me?

bts| V what are you touching there?? Kookie looks so happy XD

Bts Jungkook♡| Jungkook♧| Jeon Jeongguk♤ | Jeon Jeong-Guk♢

[INTERVIEW] @Star1 Magazine (Août 2016) - BTS

Jimin para o Full Álbum 'WINGS' - BTS ❤

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