4 super outils #Pinterest (article un peu ancien, mais très  complet et détaillé )
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How To Get Pinterest Followers + Repins: the Ultimate Guide

Pinterest addictive ?
Pinterest Tip: How To Trace Your Pin When it Goes Viral #blog, #blogging, blogging, business, entrepreneur

Pinterest Tip: Trace Your Viral Pin

[Infographie] Web developer VS Web designer - ID'seed, germe de communication
Facebook Mistakes Your Small Business is Making (and How to Fix Them)

Top 4 Facebook Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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L'importance du choix des couleurs en marketing
Pinterest just released updates that allow you to code your images to do things like apply more REPIN numbers to your pins when someone pins from your site, use any image or size image in your post but have a Pinterest-sized verticle image auto-load in place of those images...awesome new features!