I need this. Like right now. This is not a joke.
My cow plates! Pumphouse Studios on etsy @Julia Janeway #ceramics #pumphouse studios
Silicone Brownie Bowl Mold! YES PLEASE!!  What would you fill your bowl with?
Nouveau billet : besoin d'interopérabilité applicative !
Snoopy & Charlie Brown shaped waffle maker! #product_design
oh my goodness, it tells you how much you have in your piggy bank
Individually packed glasses of wine to go. Shut up!
keyboard waffle iron (need)

Gaufrier Geek – Manger du clavier dès le petit déjeuner

Image via How clever is this? A Pixel Waffle Maker that allows you to create your own designs, letters and messages on your waffles by pushing down individual “pixels”. Great for personalizing breakfasts and desserts, its a throw back to the 8-bit graphics of the past. The waffle maker features an easy-to-clean 9 x 9 …

Awesome Products: Pixel Waffle Maker lets you customize a message