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Binga Basket - Large $48.00. These baskets are made from all natural and locally harvested materials such as wild grasses, small vines, and palm leaves dyed with tree bark. The largest sized bowls are still used by the Tonga people for their original purpose of winnowing grains. When you purchase a fairly traded item like this African basket, you receive a beautiful artisan product while helping a family in a developing country raise their standard of living.

Africa | Basket from Nigeria. 1st half of the 20th century

Africa | Basket with lid from Sesheko, Barotseland; possibly from the Lozi or Barotse people | Plant fiber, wood and dye | ca. 1907.

Africa | Container from the Chopi people of the Manjacaze region of Mozambique | Vegetable fiber and tree bark | 20th century

Master artisans and traditional artisanry thrive in Santa Fe

Africa | Lidded basket, Rotse from the Lozi people of Zambia | ca. 20th century

Africa | Lidded basket from Zambia | Raffia; Dark and light coloring. Dark lines are straight then have large zigzag. Rounded. Wide neck, circular lid.

Africa | Basket from Angola. 20th century

Zulu basket | Made from coil grass and Ilala palm leaves and natural dyes. The geometric pattern has special significance in the Zulu culture.