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20 things to start doing

Key acupressure points: Qi energy gates and storage and processing stations (outposts), including the head, exercises similar to the Emotional Freedom Technique-EFT or "psychological acupressure" popular with Dr Mercola and other U.S.naturopaths. Qigong - The art of the Qi management - Igor Dudukchan - Google Books PDF fragment

Meridian clock. Yeah it's cheesy, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it

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A beautifully written explanation. "Understanding Chinese Medicine ~ The roots of Chinese medicine lay in a time before X-rays and blood tests, a time when people lived by the light of the sun and spent time observing the world around them."

Meridian Clock - Meridian Flow Wheel ~ Take meds and supplements when energy is in the corresponding organ system

Where you store your emotions in your Physical Body - Google Search

Qi Clock and the Diurnal Cycle