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Africa | A mask worn by a young girl from the Dogon people of Mali | ca. 1950

Bamileke Country: Cameroon Ritual: Performance Name: Kuosi Society Crest Materials: Wood, glass beads, cowrie shells, indigo-dyed cloth, twine, cotton, nails

Fertility Doll ~ Ham Pilu ~ from the Fali people of Cameroon. Wood, leather, glass beads, cotton, ca. 1990

Africa | Judicators cap from the Yoruba people of Nigeria | Early 20th century

Dogon mask

Africa | Boy's headdress; ostrich eggshell, ostrich feather, cowrie shells, beaten bark and fiber | Alur people, Uganda | 20th century

Dan Mask | The Dan group is a tribe of the Dan-Nguere. They live in west Liberia, Guinea Conakry and west Ivory Coast. The social and spiritual base of the Dan-Nguere is the secret society Poro, that means "sierra". | Female Dan masks are known by the importance given to the face: egg-shaped, oval forehead, long and narrow eyes, thin nose and half-opened mouth, whereas the male mask are more unrealistic and sometimes include animal features

Hornbill headress : Couvre-chef Lega, République Démocratique du Congo - Fibres... | Dans la vente Arts Primitifs & Océanie à Salle des ventes de Chinon

Africa | Mask from the dogon people of Bandiagara region, Mopti, Mali | ca. 1930s | Wood, pigment and natural fiber.

Africa | Beaded elephant headdress from the Bamileke people of Cameroon. Glass beads, wood, cloth and raffia | ca. 19th century

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