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Make A Woman Cry 2015

The King and I. One of the more heartbreaking dramas to roll out of Korea. Gorgeous costumes and a story that will bring you to tears.

Warm and Cozy - Baek Geon Woo, a man that has everything that a woman wants in a man: good looks, eloquence, and a gentle manner. Although he’s the grasshopper type who only does things he wants to do, his honest personality is his charm. A clever man who knows his assets, he is unexpectedly innocent, opening a restaurant in Jeju Island just because the woman he likes is there. Lee Jung Joo, a woman who has struggled and worked hard all her life but never has a break, resulting in…

A Millionaire's First Love

Death Cash -Minami Yuka is a university student. She has the ability to see other people’s deaths. One day, her friend suddenly dies. There are 10,000 yen bills littered around her friend’s dead body. There's also black stains on the 10,000 yen bills. Since then, more people around Yuka die mysteriously. Yuka and Detective Wakamoto Takeshi chase the mysterious deaths together.

1x7 I Remember You / Hello Monster 2015

Angry Mom - When Jo Gang Ja attended high school, she was notorious for fighting. She gave birth to her daughter Ah Ran in her late teens and became more responsible. Her daughter Ah Ran is now a high school student, but Ah Ran is bullied at school. Jo Gang Ja decides to go back to high school to protect her daughter. Jo Gang Ja becomes a high school student again.

Eight Days, Assassination Attempts against King Jeongjo (Hangul: 정조암살미스터리 8일) is a 2007 South Korean television miniseries starring Kim Sang-joong, Park Jung-chul, Jung Ae-ri. The series ran for 10 episodes, and was aired by CGV. This show is placed in the context of the Eight Days procession organized in 1795 by King Jeongjo of Joseon to visit the tomb of his father at Hwaseong Fortress. This historic event was a huge one, involving 5,661 people and 1,417 horse.