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Kundalini Yoga: Exercises to strengthen the navel centre and open the heart chakra. Start by repeating each exercise for 1-2 minutes and if you feel brave, build up to 10-15 minutes for each one!

Kundalini Yoga Foundation for Infinity

Chandra namaskar ~ Salutation à la lune (+vidéo dans l'article)

Kundalini Yoga for the sciatic nerve

Removing Body Blocks | 3HO Foundation

Utkatasana (oot-cut-asana) Chair pose/Fierce pose builds strength and endurance in hips and thighs. Strengthens balance. Opens/tones chest and shoulders. Strengthens feet, ankles, calves,knees, buttocks, thighs.

Kundalini Yoga for releasing premenstrual tension and balancing sexual energy