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During WW2, Luftwaffe pilot Franz Stigler refused to destroy a damaged B-17 .The German pilot escorted the B-17 to the English Channel and then saluted the American pilot and returned home. About 40 years later, they were reunited and developed a deep friendship that lasted until their deaths.

With the high risk of being blown up some of the best pilots started tipping the V1's wing, because of damage to wing tips they later developed a tactic of disrupting the airflow by placing their wing very close to the V1's wing, causing it to topple.

co-pilot, 2nd Lt. Charles L. Brown's B-17. The plane was hit by German anti-aircraft and badly damaged. Bf-109 pilot Franz Stigler was ordered to pursue and shoot down the stricken B-17 on December 20, 1943. He had never seen a plane flying so damaged, No one fired at him. Stigler flew alongside of the bomber and looked at its co-pilot, Charles Brown, who was flying the plane because the pilot had been knocked unconscious, had no idea he was flying deeper over enemy territory. Stiegler…

The crew of an American bomber B-17 «Man O War»

En novembre 1942, suite au débarquement des Alliés en Algérie (Opération Torch), un Me 323 Géant amène les premiers éléments de la division Hermann Goering en Tunisie.

Pilot escapes his burning Grumman Hellcat after landing aboard the USS Lexington, 1945

[Guerre] Photos WW2 colorisées

Allied B-24 Liberator bombers that made it home despite being battle damaged!!

La bataille de Stalingrad (juillet 1942 – février 1943) – ECPAD


Actually I find that they're all there and survived is more remarkable than the fact that it's the same plane.