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St. Maurice Coat Of Plates 1280?

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La statue du chevalier endormi du monastère de Wienhausen (1280-1290) Excalibur-Dauphiné :: Voir le sujet - Projet : Coat of plate.

French middle ages dresses. Carolingian nobility period clothing.

Women's wear - Houpellandes

Coat of plates

Beautiful rendition of a man at arms in the early 1300s speaking to a king. BNF Français 152 - Bible Historiale - Part 1, f. 213

GOTHIC SCULPTOR, German, Peter's Renunciation, c. 1250, Stone, Cathedral, Naumburg

BNF Français 19093 Carnet de Dessins

Sir Nicholas is wearing a tight-fitting surcoat over his coat of plates (not being a massive breastplate yet, which would become typical of the late 1360s, early '70s). His arms are almost totally enclosed in plate armour. ca. 1345 - 'knight, maybe Sir Nicholas de la Beche (+1345)' St. Mary's Church, Aldworth, Berkshire, England