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Rich witch spell

La prêtresse d’Hécate

La prêtresse d'Hécate par ArtbyLadyViktoria sur Etsy

Goddess Hecate

pp-Hecate’s themes are the moon, beginnings and magic. Her symbols are serpents, horses or dogs (Her sacred animals light especially a torch, myrrh, silver and moonstone. This Greco-Roman Goddess rules the moon and opportunities. Tonight She opens the path through which the old year departs and the new enters. People customarily worship Hecate at crossroads, where worlds meet, which may be why She became a witch’s Goddess. On this, Hecate’s Day, She bears a torch, lighting the way to the…

3 lunas. fases. moons. phases.

November Full Moon

Blessed are we who see what we see.

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Druid arch-priestess with sickle and mistletoe.

By Full Moon Light, I Draw The Fullness Of The Universe Into My Heart And InFuse My Magical Worships With Abundant Blessings As Above, So BeLow. - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy