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Ahh killing my lil Phan heart

tbh: this is adorable af & i 100% ship it if it were true but i hate it when the phandom (not all cuz ik most of the phandom isnt as bad) forces the whole gay thing on them & it makes me embarrased to be apart of the phandom, im not saying not to ship them idgaf cuz i do 100%, just please dont force this bs on them.

Yeah you have.... I'm Dans mouth

Remember watching his old videos thinking he was so cute and sweet. Then his most recent videos thinking, "What a sarcastic bastard. I love him!" It's like YouTube embittered him over the years. He didn't even use to curse, and now he does every other sentence. Dan fucking Howell. XD

Gif!! Power of triangles. This is my favourite thing to ever triangle. (Dan Howell, danisnotonfire)

Tumblr Phan on

I hate when people say that they LOVE Dan and Phil and they say but Dan's the hottest like wth Phil is amazing too!