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Music - Ancient Egypt .... Probably the best indication of the Ancient Egyptian's enjoyment and value of music and dance is a satirical papyrus wherein an ass is playing a large harp, a lion with a lyre, a crocodile with a lute, and a monkey with a double oboe.

Censer, the vessel for the fragrant resin hidden behind the large headgear of the male figure. The costume is that of a priest or high-ranking personality: ear- and noseplugs, armrings and necklace. Clay and paint (250-600 CE).Maya

Quadruple flute, Jaina Island, Maya 400-700 AD

The Glauberg site near Hesse, Germany is an ancient Celtic Oppidum (town/social centre) and contains a monumental burial mound dating to around 500 BC. This statue depicts a Celtic warrior complete with tunic and trousers; he is also equipped with a sword and shield which suggest seniority. The sculpture is believed to be an accurate likeness of the interred prince, as the figure is decorated in jewelry excavated from the burial mound itself. Note the three-pronged Torc around the Prince‘s…

Teotihuacan Mask. The turquoise is from the Aztec Period.

Maya. Jaina. clay traces of paint. height 23.4 cm. Dignitary wearing elaborate headdress and necklace with shell. He also wears cheek pieces. Owner LACMA

Rare Roman blue glass cameo carved skyphos, depicting a scene from a Greek chariot race. Scholars have suggested it may represent the Dionysiac games or the funeral games of Patroclus described by Homer. View showing horses and mask. Culture: Roman. Date / P (..)

Isis and Wepwawet, god of Asyut,with the name of Siese,Overseer of the Two Granaries of Ramesses II

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