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Anime picture 2748x4038 with kantai collection hibiki destroyer verniy destroyer karumayu long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer highres open mouth fringe animal ears silver hair signed aqua eyes tail animal tail cat ears eyebrows

Anime picture 1398x3440 with kantai collection bismarck battleship murakami meishi long hair single tall image blush blue eyes light erotic blonde hair breasts simple background fringe standing barefoot hair between eyes grey shadow full body head tilt

Rating: Questionable Score: 228 Tags: anthropomorphism black_hair breasts cameltoe headdress kantai_collection long_hair nagato_(kancolle) navel red_eyes swimsuit white zekkyon User: otaku_emmy

Image d'anime 2280x7272 avec kantai collection umikaze (kantai collection) carnelian long hair single tall image blush highres looking at viewer blue eyes light erotic silver hair braid (braids) girl thighhighs dress underwear panties gloves black thighhighs

大和と時雨 | Yamato and Fubuki

Image d'anime 2121x1500 avec kantai collection bismarck…

Image d'anime 3604x5395 avec kantai collection asashio destroyer nishihata kei long hair single tall image blush highres blue eyes black hair fringe sitting absurdres looking away tears open collar girl uniform school uniform detached sleeves

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Image d'anime 714x1000 avec kantai collection kashima training cruiser…