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Omg he's trying to make his other arm strong too waaahhhh!'

-If this literally does not describe us 48% of the time, I'm at a loss.-


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kevinwada: “ Bucky Barnes The Winter selfie ECCC 2016 commission ”

stevebucky | Tumblr | Steve is still giddy about finally being the big brother. Bucky is over it. "Stop taking pictures, punk! You said it was permanent, so get used to it already!" But he's smiling anyway, because Steve is such a goof.

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Les X-Men en version médiévale

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-cargsdoodles: bucky barnes very quickly gives up smoking to continue hanging out with the cute asthmatic boy in his french class-

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Female Winter Soldier Cosplay I'M IN LOVE.

2#// Can we all just take a moment and appreciate both the look on Bucky's face and the fact that he has ears in the last frame.