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2 female deities of the Amentet, hands raised towards the Ram head on the standard of Khnoum the fashioner of forms in the womb, in hope that the king would rise once more from the waters of non-existence. Form Tutankhamun's gold shrine.

....the Dogon of Mali depict some curious cravings in their crafts. Their creator gods are amphibious humanoids, often bluish

Three planet alignment over Egyptian pyramids…(I would just like to say, after having to delete so many negative and argument causing comments, I don't care if it isn't real, or if you think it's photoshopped. This was posted under Humor, not Science. It's a neat picture and I'll thank you to keep your negativity to yourselves. Any comments about the authenticity of this picture or anything related will be deleted as soon as I've seen them.)

Headrest with two goddesses. Tutankhamun’s tomb. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1332-1323 B.C.

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King Tut Tutankhamun Egyptian Mummy Poster 24x36

King Tut Tutankhamun Mummy Egyptian Art Poster 24x36