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Neolithic Female Figurine Origin: El Kadada, Sudan 4000 BCE

Figure made frome Nile silt, among the oldest sculpture of Egytian art - Naqada II

A GODDESS WEARING A KAUNAKES H. 11.6 cm. Chlorite, white calcite. Western Central Asia, Bactria-Margiana, Middle to Late Bronze Age, 2000-1650 B.C. The block-like female figure is shown standing, clad… - Galerie Cahn - 13/11/2015

Barbier-Muller Geneva Culture de Vinça, Serbie, localité de Vinça

Seated Figurine, Incised on a Pebble -- Circa 6500-4500 BCe -- Belonging to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

Bastet - Ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess

Indus Valley terracotta statuette of a seated woman. Mehgarh Culture, ca. 3000 B.C.

Female Figurine: one of the oldest statuettes ever excavated in Egypt. 3650-3300 BCE. Predynastic period, likely depicting a priestess or goddess.