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Thranduil means “Vigorous spring" in Sindarin. From tharan "vigorous" and tuil "spring". Though the name is said to be of Silvan origin, Tolkien’s notes on tharan state it was used only in Sindarin. Pronunciation: thra’nduil (‘ui' as in English 'ruin’). (gifset)

Promenades,Legolas Père,Eryn Lasgalen,Cœur,Messages,Son King,Elbenkönig Thranduil

Let it go by on @DeviantArt - Awwww. This is so sad. :(

As much as I love dwarves and hobbits, elves are pretty dang sweet. [Legolas and Thranduil gif]

John Howe - Le Mythe du Seigneur des Anneaux

John Howe

Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm

Never seen this one before. Love it :)

Tales of Mirkwood - Thranduil -- Трандуил