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Immunoglobuline g1 molecule dessin

An illustration of IgG1, a subclass of Immunoglobulin G and the most abundant antibody produced by plasma B cells that circulate in the body to defend against infection. After binding to a foreign substance, antibodies can overwhelm and immobilize pathogens, or act as markers to signal other cells in the immune system. #photo #image #dessin #immunoglobuline #immunoglobuline g #immunoglobuline g1 image #003k1u15

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DesignEXtremeSeminar 2013 [DEXS] OP Animation

DesignEXtremeSeminar 2013 [DEXS] OP Animation | Plexus animation

Headphones by Paul Clements. Design / Animation / Post Production : Paul Clements