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Tom Thomson - Art Nouveau, Arts&Crafts & Post Impressionnism

Tom Thompson. Group of Seven. (Yes I count him). I love the work these guys did. Every piece is beautiful! I could look at them for hours

Tom Thomson, Canadian painter, often erroneously believed to be a member of the Group of Seven. Thomson, who died in 1917 under mysterious circumstances, is widely regarded as one of Canada's most iconic landscape painters. | Tumblr

Birches by Lawren Harris

Gabriele Münter (1877-1962), Sonnenuntergang über dem Staffelsee, vers 1910-1911

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conrad jon godly (The Jealous Curator)

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Mer Sombre de Brown Sky de Emile Nolde (1867-1956, Germany)

Tom Thomson (Canadian, 1877 – 1917). I had the pleasure of seeing the original.

The clouds today are not a past that can be caressed into the now. These are less diligent than the nimbus balls of fists that stormed across a canvas land yesterday. More ethereal than we imagine in the shapes seen in their roiling sediments of vapor, that's almost just a camel, perhaps a whale. It is likely that words, sound vibrations, rise, become entrapped and rain back as echoes unheard above the din. But they are only clouds seen many ways on many days and never seen the…