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Skot - Go-Back/Wolfrider. Lovemate/Lifemate to Pike and Krim. While a easily adapting to the Wolfrider's motto of 'The Way' Skot actually reveres the elders of the Wolfriders as near High Ones. His loyalty even went so far as to die to save Clearbrook and Treestump from a pack of mutated monsters.

'Green Tara' by Zeng Hao Dun Huang.

Surge - Wavedancer. Father of Snakeskin. Lifemate to Skimmer. Surge was chief of the Wavedancers and is a water-shaper. He thinks the world is a danger to his tribe. When humans killed Skimmer, he disappeared. Upon returning his son was strained by unanswered questions and Surge’s paranoia. The recognition of Sunstream and Brill made him fear their discovery by other elves. He unleashed his powers and accidentally destroyed the coral structures of the Wavedancers’ habitat, taking his life.


Teir --> Elf Quest

Dewshine - Wolfrider. Lifemate to Tyldak. Daughter of Treestump and Rillfisher. Mother of Windkin. Dewshine is agile and usually free-spirited. After her encounter with Tyldak, Dewshine and Scouter raised Windkin in the Sun Village. Once he was fully grown Dewshine and Scouter returned to the other Wolfriders where Scouter recognized Tyleet. Happy for them she offered a three mated pair and the three now live happily together.

Leetah, Cutter & Skywise

Bearclaw - Elf Quest