I am thinking of so many different uses for these. First one I thought of was Dr Jean's Gummy Bear song. I'll keep thinking.

Isabelle Kessedjian painting on rocks

Oisillons ds leur nid

pauw, alle kinderen maken een staartveer

bird mask

Cut 2 paper plates into 3 triangular pieces and paint green. Paint a paper towel roll brown. Cut slits in it about 1/3 of the way up on one end. Spread and tape to another paper plate. Glue tree pieces together and decorate with button,gems,sequins or paper dots. Add a star at the top and glue onto the paper towel roll.

Motricité fine pour créer une étoile d'araignée

Easy Spring Craft for kids

paper plate angel wings for a large present..maybe add some glitter to edges

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