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Kimmidoll™ Momoka - 'Gorgeous' - "My spirit is big and bold. Dare to live my spirit. Dazzle, make a big, bold impression. Don't be afraid to be noticed - stand out from the crowd. May you show the world how to live a big, bold, gorgeous life."

Kimmidoll™ Satoko - 'Sincerity' - "My spirit brings authenticity and integrity. By being true to your feelings and honest in your dealings you ensure that all your opinions and actions truly reflect who you are and what you stand for. May you always live an authentic life and honour the integrity of my spirit."

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Une nouvelle petite boite à fromage (carrée donc - Le bonheur est aussi dans la Créativité

vous êtes nombreuses à me demander comment on fait les boules en papier, alors voici ma façon de faire (très simple) Voir ma...

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Souvenir du Japon: poupées kokeshi

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☆ Need - Kimmidoll™ Nonoko - 'Carefree' - "My spirit is cheerful and hopeful. With your positive and happy disposition, you know the freedom of my spirit. May you always live life with a joyful spirit and a hopeful heart."

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KIMMIDOLL 4" Maxi Doll Figurine Japanese Flowers Pink 4033674 RYOKO ELEGANT

Kimmidoll™ Ryoko - 'Elegant' - "My spirit is gracious and refined. Your refined elegance emulates my spirit. By valuing the simple and enduring things in life, and nurturing within yourself both grace and refinement, may you live an elegant life."