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Beautiful art ideas for Africa art lesson

African art lesson.

Kente Cloth- K-2nd. history and color significance with the students. great lesson for sorting and stacking strips of paper by size - something that can easily be tied into math. After the students overlap strips of paper, used Sharpie markers to add traditional African line patterns to "kente cloth"

3rd grade texture Lion

Africa - African Art Lesson Plans, Masks, Music, More!

repertoire graphique Afrique

une bonne idée pour mettre en valeur ou exposer les oeuvres de nos élèves...

L'africaine d'alban

Art Teachers Hate Glitter! I love the art teacher who writes this blog! I giggle every time I read it.... She teaches elementary-6th I think, but it is so worth the read--no cute art projects, no art lessons to copy, just the thought that someone else has the same stories you do.... or worse!!!!

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